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The Winners of Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival - August 2022

Best Dance Films

Saint Leroi

Director Maurya Kerr

Best Experimental


Director Charlie G Fennel

Best Animation


Director Krissy Mahan

Best Script

Julia guns and blood

Writer Piero Piromallo

Best Short Film

The Pamphlet

Directed by Justin Heyl

Best Editing

Dinner with Dex

Directed by Olivia Cheng

Best Producer

Cosmo Swevens


Emergency Musical Response

Best Actress

Sabrina Knappett


Call of The City

Best Cinematography

Strange glasses

Directed by Jiatao Wang

Best Short Documentary

Andi, Andrea and the Alps

Directed by Nicolas Flood

Best Director

Piero Piromallo


Artist’s soul

Best Student Film

Tonight will be Fine

Directed by

Richard Yang

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