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The Winners of Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival - January 2024


Director Zooey Gao

in Best Editing

Going the Distance

Director Mick Bongiovi

in Best Sci-fi

Silent Rhythm

Director Sarah Goolishian

in Best Dance Film

LIFE ON MARS | Are We for Real ?

Submitter Aidan Amore

in Best Performance / Song


Director hiromi shimabukuro

in Best No-Dialogue Film

How to Succeed in Biscuits Without Really Trying.

Director Tania Emery

in Best Comedy

Monster - A Very Short Film About Birds

Director Nancy Van Beersel (Animation)

in MicroFilm


Director Anna Cooley

in Best Female Empowerment  


Directors Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen

in Music Video


Directors Moroti Adewole, Adrianna Ogando

in Student Films

The Vagrant

Writers FRANK P MANCUSO, Christhopher J Adams

in Feature Script

Mountain Girls - Lord Take My Hand

Director Nick Rohr

in Animation

LIA: A Bodybuilding Story - The Directors Cut

Director Susan Weiss

in Short Documentary

The Decisive Moment

Director Dominic Kubisch

in Experimental Film

Laura Splan

For 'Baroque Bodies (Ambient Portals)'

in Best Female Director

Americans in Israel

Director Johnny Vonneumann

in Best Editing (Special Selection)

Mary Beteta

For 'Morning Dive Experience'

in Best Producer

Christopher Grant Harvey

For 'Lunch with Hitler'

in Directors Main Competition

Filipe Amorim

For 'The Time And Will To Stay'

in Best Actor

Veronika Gurina


in Best Actress


Director Sophia Emmett, Theo Shorrocks

in Best Poster

Martina Martinelli, Andrea Ventura

For 'Mira-Future'

in Best Director

Challenging moments

Director Borna Armanini

in Best Short Film


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